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Frequently Asked Questions. 
If you have more questions, please ask!
How Do I Book A Magic Show?
How Much Does It Cost?
How Much Room Do You Need?
How Much Notice Will You Need?
Simply give me a call. or send me an e-mail I'll will take all of the information about your event, and send you a contract. This protects both of us! Just return the contract with a small deposit and we are good to go! I will contact you a day or two before the engagement for final arrangements.
You will be quoted a price that is compatible with your event. Since all events are different, the fee will depend on many factors too numerous to list. That is why we need to talk one-on-one
Believe it or not, this is a very common question. I do not require much space and can do the show a very confined space, living room, back yard etc.. Larger shows will require a larger space. This ensures that everyone can see and enjoy the show.
If the date and time are available, you can book anytime. Please don wait too long. I have had people loose their specific date/time by waiting.
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